Exploring the Net Worth of the Turkey Leg Hut Owner: A Tale of Success and Entrepreneurship

The Turkey Leg Hut has become a culinary sensation in Houston, Texas, attracting food enthusiasts from far and wide. Known for its mouthwatering turkey legs and vibrant Creole-inspired menu, this restaurant has gained significant popularity in recent years. Behind this booming establishment are the husband-and-wife duo, Lynn and Nakia Price, who have managed to transform a humble food truck into a thriving enterprise. In this article, we delve into the fascinating journey of the Turkey Leg Hut and explore the net worth of its visionary owners.

The Rise of the Turkey Leg Hut

The story of the Turkey Leg Hut began in 2016 when Lynn and Nakia Price, armed with their passion for cooking and a secret family recipe for turkey legs, decided to launch a food truck in Houston. Initially, they started with a limited menu, focusing on their signature smoked turkey legs, which were seasoned to perfection with their special blend of spices. Their mouthwatering turkey legs quickly became a hit among locals and tourists alike, propelling them to culinary stardom.

Expansion and Notable Achievements

As the demand for their delectable turkey legs grew, Lynn and Nakia realized they needed to expand their operation. In 2017, they took a bold step and opened a brick-and-mortar location in Houston’s Third Ward, an area known for its rich history and vibrant culture. The Turkey Leg Hut quickly gained a devoted following, with customers lining up for hours to savor the succulent turkey legs and other soulful Creole dishes.

The owners’ commitment to quality and innovation played a crucial role in their success. They continuously introduced new menu items, including their famous Cajun seafood boils, turkey leg tacos, and loaded fries, which further enhanced their appeal. Their creative approach to food, combined with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, earned them rave reviews and national recognition.

Impact on Social Media

In today’s digital age, social media plays a pivotal role in a business’s success, and the Turkey Leg Hut leveraged this platform to great effect. Their indulgent dishes were a hit on Instagram, attracting a massive online following. Influencers and celebrities flocked to the restaurant, sharing drool-worthy pictures of their meals, further amplifying the Turkey Leg Hut’s popularity. The viral nature of their social media presence fueled the growth of their customer base and increased their brand visibility.

Expansion and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Buoyed by their initial success, Lynn and Nakia embarked on ambitious expansion plans. In 2019, they opened a second location, Turkey Leg Hut Daiquiris & Phat Tuesday, adjacent to their original establishment. This additional space allowed them to accommodate more customers and offer an expanded menu featuring frozen daiquiris and other refreshing beverages.

Furthermore, Lynn and Nakia ventured into the packaged food market, launching their own line of seasonings and sauces, enabling fans to recreate the Turkey Leg Hut’s flavors at home. This diversification of their business further solidified their presence in the culinary industry and added to their growing net worth.

The Net Worth of Lynn and Nakia Price

While precise figures regarding the net worth of Lynn and Nakia Price are not publicly disclosed, it is evident that their entrepreneurial endeavors have led to significant financial success. The Turkey Leg Hut’s remarkable popularity, coupled with their strategic expansion and merchandise sales, has undoubtedly contributed to their growing net worth.

Apart from the revenue generated from their restaurants, Lynn and Nakia have leveraged their brand to secure partnerships and collaborations with various companies. These endeavors include merchandising, sponsored events, and appearances, further bolstering their financial standing.

Beyond monetary success, Lynn and Nakia have become influential figures within the community. They actively engage in philanthropic initiatives, giving back to the neighborhood that supported their rise to prominence. By creating job opportunities and supporting local causes, they have become role models for aspiring entrepreneurs.


The story of Lynn and Nakia Price and their Turkey Leg Hut is an inspiring tale of passion, perseverance, and entrepreneurial vision. From humble beginnings as a food truck to becoming a culinary powerhouse, their dedication to serving mouthwatering food and fostering a welcoming atmosphere has earned them both financial success and widespread acclaim.

While the exact net worth of Lynn and Nakia Price remains undisclosed, it is evident that their flourishing business, strategic expansion, and lucrative partnerships have contributed to their financial prosperity. However, it is their impact on the culinary landscape of Houston and their commitment to community building that truly sets them apart. The Turkey Leg Hut has not only become a must-visit destination for food lovers but also a symbol of the power of pursuing one’s dreams and creating a lasting legacy.

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