Top 23 D&D 5e Tools

D&D 5e Tools You’ve probably heard of the Jeweler’s kit. In D&D 5e, this combination of tweezers and a hammer is a character tool. However, the jeweler’s tool is very important in the game because it’s used in crafting jewelry. Hence, the jeweler’s kit is one of the Top 23 D&D 5e Tools. Listed below are some of the tools that every character needs.

Jeweler’s kit

The Jeweler’s kit is one of the essential tools for a character in D&D 5e Tools . It is a set of tools that helps the character make various kinds of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, and earrings. The toolkit includes a small saw, a hammer, pilers, and tweezers. It is also used for creating antitoxins. The toolkit also includes tools for making jewels, including gems and metals.

The number of tools in a toolkit depends on the character’s proficiencies and background. A player with a specific background, class, or race will be given more tools than someone without a specific skill level. Players with specialized tools can earn bonuses for certain actions, including casting spells or doing certain things. Those who have specialized tools can even dice roll for them.

Alchemist’s kit

The Alchemist’s kit is one of the D&D 5e Tools 5th edition. The kit contains two glass beakers, a metal frame, and a glass stirring rod, as well as a pouch of common alchemical ingredients. These items grant a wide range of benefits to characters. The skills required to create these items vary from character to character, and alchemical items offer unique effects. Characters can use alchemical items to solve problems and gain insight into the chemicals and effects of the area.

While this is a list of the top 23 D&D 5e tools , it doesn’t have the highest level. It is still an essential item for alchemists. They can craft various alchemical items, some of which are useful in lower levels. These include alchemist’s fire, acid, and antitoxin. They can also be used as tools to explore dungeons and similar locations. In addition, they can estimate the distance to landmarks.

Cartographer’s kit

A cartographer’s toolkit is a legendary crafting material used by Blacksmith Haedrig Aemon to create Boots. This legendary crafting material drops from two sources in Sanctuary: Enkidu and Lavarinth. Enkidu spawn during the “Eternal War” Event, and is also found in the Festering Woods Act I. In order to obtain this toolkit, players must defeat an enemy Chief.

Map makers need various tools to create accurate maps. Depending on the purpose of the map, they might also need reference materials such as ephemerides guides and almanacs. These materials help cartographers predict astronomical and atmospheric phenomena. Other tools included in a cartographer’s kit include a gazetteer, a database that identifies geographical features without the names. In addition to reference materials, cartographers use calculators to determine distances and times.

Tinker’s kit

The tinker’s kit is one of the most versatile tools in D&D 5e Tools . These tools allow the character to repair anything from broken gear to traps. They can also construct small mechanical items and gadgets. They also give a character information about the objects they create, such as their origin or age. These tools also grant the player ten hit points per hour of work.

The tinker’s toolkit can even be useful on the road. While crafting lead requires a workbench, this kit allows the tinker to make various gadgets in the field. A mobile workshop is also possible if the DM allows it. Moreover, this toolkit is equivalent to most other crafting kits in D&D 5.

Cobbler’s tool

The Cobbler’s tool is one of the most useful tools in the D&D 5e Tools 5th edition game. It allows a character to use a variety of feats, which gives him a distinct advantage over other players. Some players use these tools for specific character types or environments. Here are some examples. Listed below are the top 23 tools of D&D 5e.

D&D 5e Tools:


A cobbler’s tool is an item used by a cobbler. These tools come with a number of useful accessories, such as a hammer, an awl, a knife, a shoe stand, a thread, and spare leather. While cobblers are very common in every city, they often vary in quality and design. Some focus on working shoes for common folk while others specialize in crafting intricate shoes read also.

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