What is Azurewave Technology?

Azurewave technology is a worldwide leader in wireless connectivity and image processing solutions. Its products include global positioning systems, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

The company produces Wi-Fi components for IoT and PC devices. It also makes small modules that are enhanced with electrical preparation. They can be used in any device for wifi or wireless purposes.

wireless network devices

Azurewave manufactures a range of wireless network devices, such as routers, access points and modems. They also sell wireless IOT modules and systems-in-package products.

The company’s products are primarily focused on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The company’s products can be found in a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, and mobile devices.

New Taipei City

Founded in 2005, Azurewave is headquartered in New Taipei City. It offers design, production and software solutions.

Its products include personal and business PCs, laptops, mobile and Internet devices, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive parts, and more.

The company offers WLAN (Wi-Fi), WPAN (Bluetooth) and WWAN (LPWA) connectivity modules. These modules come in the form of MM.2 1216 solder down module, M.2 1630/2230 module, Stamp type solder down module, IoTModule(Wi-Fi/BT + MCU), SiPMolding and Voice/audio SoMs. The SOMs can host applications, or they can disable all wireless connections from another app processor. These modules feature a short Guard Interval (GI) of 400ns, spatial stream transmission capabilities and support for multiple network bandwidths.

Desktop computers

Azurewave is a Taiwanese company that manufactures wireless network devices such as routers, access points, and modems. The company also produces embedded wifi modules for IoT devices and desktop computers.

The company’s headquarters is in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It offers design, production, and software solutions.

Personal and business computers

Its products include personal and business computers, laptops, mobile and Internet-connected gadgets, home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive parts, and manufacturing services.

The company’s products are used in various applications including remote assistance, smart home systems, and security networks. Its devices are compatible with a number of different devices, such as Wi-Fi, 3G, DTV, GPS, and Bluetooth.

Digital image handling

Azurewave is a company that manufactures wireless technology. Its products include Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth modules. It also has products for digital image handling and DTV.

The company has offices in six countries and sells its products worldwide. Its technology is based on digital processing tools.

This company’s network hardware platform supports WLAN, WPAN, and LPWA availability. It also offers SOMs and SOCs. These modules can host applications, or they can disable connections to other app processors.

GPS module

The company has also released a 360 Panomorph focal point camera. This device can be used in places where it is difficult to get connected to a Wi-Fi network. It also has a built-in GPS module. These features make it a great choice for people who need to capture photos and videos. The 360 Panomorph camera has excellent quality focal points and is designed to be small enough to be used anywhere. It is also affordable. It is available for purchase on the company’s website.

The company produces a range of devices that allow users to connect their computers, mobile phones, and other smart devices to a Wi-Fi network. These devices can be used to connect with other users in their homes, offices, and even around the world.

The line of Azurewave products includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, DTV and Digital Camera modules. These products can be used in personal computers, smartphones, portable web gadgets, consumer electronics, home appliances, and industrial centers.

Final Words:

In addition to these, the company also offers a 360 Panomorph focal point camera module that allows users to capture lifelike images. This technology can be used in smartphone and back-to-back cameras to capture 360-degree videos that can be streamed online.

Azurewave is a Taiwanese company that focuses on the development and production of wireless connectivity and image processing solutions. The company’s devices connect remote devices up to six countries. They also produce Wi-Fi components for IoT and PC devices.

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